Daily Musings #21

You are a living, breathing ghost to someone else. Somewhere out there, someone is haunted by memories of you.


Daily Musings #20

When I stopped trying to act like someone important, I was able to value and respect others and gain their respect. When I stopped demanding control, I became approachable and warm, and people viewed me as a leader. When I stopped trying to seem intellectual and be someone I'm not, I remembered who I really am... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings #19

We are not our bad decisions. Mistakes we made in the past do not have the power to define us if we utilize that knowledge to make better choices rather than utilizing the memory to punish ourselves. Forgive yourself and shift the power to "the now" and the choices you face today.

Daily Musings #18

Don't be a slave to your thoughts. Just because something flutters into your head does not automatically warrant validity. Guard your happiness by discerning each thought and releasing those which do not serve you. When you begin to do this, you'll be amazed at how your peace of mind and sense of well being will... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings #15

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is the exact thing you were born for. My battle is the written word. The words that dwell within my heart & at the essence of my being can become so convoluted with feeling, I fear I'm incapable of stringing them out in a way that conveys their genuine meaning and... Continue Reading →

Daily Musings #14

I may forgive in my heart, but until I say the words it to the person who needs to hear it, we both continue to bear the burden. The words "I forgive you" free the heart and heal the soul. -C.P. Manner

Daily Musings #13

You are given one body. Just one. If you are blessed with your health & can move it, do it. Move. Nourish it with foods that make you feel amazing. Get enough sleep. Give hugs. Meditate. Smile. Every second your body is aging, so treat yourself well while you can. You deserve to feel your... Continue Reading →

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